Sage Heart

Shamanic Practitioner

"Compassion is the wisdom of the heart"

-Kwan Yin

"Sage is a gifted healer.  She assisted me in releasing a relationship wound that kept manifesting into a toxic pattern.  Sage brought me back a part of my heart that had left when trauma broke it.  With her guidance, I was able to make peace and have closure with this wound and integrate my heart part.  Sage gave me a "prescription" that I was to perform for a length of time to reinforce the work we did.  She is very attentive and supportive and checked in on me after the session.  I now feel more whole and am not triggered by this old wound anymore.  My relationship is thriving and better than ever."


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Shamanic Healing

Every shamanic healing session is unique, as helping Spirits guide me to work with you in whatever ways are most helpful in that moment.  A session could include any combination of soul retrieval and integration, altar construction, ancestral clearing, spiritual guidance, energetic extraction, cord cutting, trauma release, power animal retrieval, setting energetic protections, and giving "prescriptions" for you to complete on your own after the session.  Most sessions are approximately 90 minutes.



Receive Spirit's guidance on any issue or question.


Afterlife Doula

If you or a loved one are nearing death in the physical realm, Spirit can help you know what to expect, and be at peace.  Spirit can also help those who have died to reach their next destination.


Shamanic Teaching

Learn to connect with your own helping Spirits during individual or group sessions.

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Space Clearing & Blessing

Remove unwanted energies, draw in positive vibrations, and protect your space.

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Sacred Ceremony

Ceremonies uniquely tailored to celebrate and honor special occasions and milestones.


Nature Immersion

Deepen your relationship with the Spirits of Nature.


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Sage Heart has been working with helping Spirits for healing and guidance since 2008.  She completed her shamanic initiation after apprenticing for ten years with Paula Denham, Founder of the Sacramento Shamanic Center, and is an Elder in that community. She holds a Master’s in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Master’s in Psychology from Northern Arizona University.  Sage has a lifelong interest in nature, psychology and indigenous spirituality and found her shamanic calling while attending an introductory workshop with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She completed several trainings with the Foundation before beginning her apprenticeship.  

Sage has broad knowledge and experience in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of grief and trauma healing.  She was fortunate to have participated in three weekend-long African Grief Rituals with Dagara Elder Sobonfu Some, who died in 2017. She is also a registered yoga instructor, and a friend of Bill W.  Sage has found deep healing through shamanism.  Her personal experiences allow her to bring profound compassion, insight and gentleness to her work.




I offer services in Whittier, California and Sacramento, California. Remote sessions are considered on a case-by-case basis.


All services are offered at

$100 per 60 minutes.  Length of sessions is negotiable.


Free 15 minute phone consultation required to schedule any service.



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